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I am Buffy, I live in Iowa with my kitty cat Meowshine and stay rather busy trying to be healthy, eating right, working out, working my full-time job and running my own custom jewelry business on the side. Thanks for coming along for the ride :)

Monday, September 20, 2010


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I feel like my world is just spinning. Between work, school, homework for school and working out, I’m not sure I know which way is up anymore! It’s been a hard adjustment, a little harder then I realized but I am doing it. I have to say I am pretty proud of myself for all the things I have been able to accomplish and the changes I have made in my life.

The half marathon training has been going well. Some runs and some weeks, are better then others but the running partner and I are still trucking through. It’s less then a month a way and I’m getting pretty excited about it. Excited and nervous, to be honest. So far the farthest we’ve gone is 9 miles and each time we add another mile I am in disbelief. Of course each additional mile is harder then the last but it feels really great to accomplish that and to keep going. It definitely helps having the running partner at my side because it makes it easier to push through it and keeps it more interesting. It is going to be so great to cross that finish line!

I feel like I have grown a lot in the last few weeks. In terms of finding my voice, my place in the world and what I am capable of. I feel really happy with the path my life is taking and I haven’t felt that in a really long time, if ever. I love being in the learning environment and my classes are really interesting and I have been learning a lot. I feel like I am at home. I am so glad that I have been able to fit it all in and I know it will all be worth it.

As for life in general I am just trying to keep up. Seeing my friends when I can, trying to keep in touch with them and their lives, trying to remember to not ignore my husband (poor guy!). My sister is due with her first baby Sept. 25th so I am excitedly awaiting the baby’s arrival. I know that her and her husband are going to be GREAT parents and I am just so happy for them. It does seem like everyone is pregnant right now! It’s fun to see their new babies and see them as parents. In my developmental psych class we have been learning a lot about babies and how they develop in the womb and beyond. Since I never plan on going through it myself, it is nice to know what they are going through and being able to contribute to those conversations.

As for the rest of this week, I have more running, Zumba, bootcamp and lots of homework.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some lessons I have learned...

Over the last few weeks I have learned some very valuable lessons…

Some people are just negative. I know I used to be one. I don’t know that it means you need to cut those negative people out of your lives but I do think it means you have to be careful about the amount of time you spend with them. Seek out the positive people and you will feel much better. And I think that we all sometimes need to vent and whine, but I am talking about those people who live in negativity.

Being around people who are negative makes me more negative. Even in unconscious ways. Sometimes I don’t even realize it until days later and find myself slipping and saying something nasty to myself. Then I think about it and see where it came from. That is why I think Spark is so important. I can immerse myself and maybe counter act all the other negative people in my life, with happy positive people who are working toward a similar goal as me.

Sometimes it takes a while of doing something to realize you can do it. You know, to shut up that inner voice telling you no you can’t. It takes sometimes just proving that voice wrong for it to go away and to get your inner cheerleader back. I tried to shut mine up in the weeks leading up to going back to school and the week it started. She would not shut up though no matter how many times I tried to redirect my thoughts to things that were positive. Finally though I am feeling better about it and figuring out a schedule and seeing that I can fit everything in. I can work full time, train for a half marathon, and go to school full time. And now I finally believe it.

Sometimes not solving issues causes you to act out. So deal with it. When I have stuff that is going on and making me feel sad, bad, angry, negative I tend to act out. I eat too much, drink too much, just shut down in general. If I talk it out and deal with the emotions I don’t do that. And on my quest to be healthy in all aspects in my life this is so important.

The busier we get, the more we get done. The last few weeks I have been so busy but the more I had to do the more I got done. And I got it all done. I felt a bit frazzled but I did it. And the longer I am this busy the easier it will be for me to do it.

Sometimes you have to just take a rest day. Sometimes it’s not a matter of being lazy, sometimes your body just tells you ‘Hey you have been training for a half marathon on top of you other workouts. You are working me hard and I need to rest’. I am listening.

Sometimes you just need to shut your mouth. I love being able to share things I have learned with people. About being healthy and exercise, and now with things I learn in school, whatever I think is going to help them have a better life. But sometimes I just need to shut up.
For one, if there isn’t enough time to explain all that you are talking about to make the person understand what you are talking about. You can do more damage if you tell someone part of something and aren’t able to fully explain so they truly understand. I had a girl in bootcamp asking how many calories she burned. I read the number off my heart rate monitor, almost under my breath, thinking she couldn’t hear. She did hear and a conversation ensued about it and with the help of the instructor and other students we began to explain how her number could be different and tried to help her understand how they come up with it. After getting home I realized what I had done and felt bad about it. I remember what it was like when I just started and didn’t fully understand everything. Not saying I do now, but I know a lot more and can look back and see they ways I had been lead a stray. In just taking a piece of information and not knowing fully what is behind it can really cause damage. And I don’t want to be a source of that.
And two if the listener doesn’t actually want to hear it. I was explaining this weekend what I had learned from my Developmental Psych class, with some of my friends that have just started having kids. Apparently there are studies that have shown that teaching a child sign language slows down their development of learning a spoken language. If the child it going to keep up with sign language (like has a family member who is deaf) then it is useful to teach them both. But if not, it is just delaying them learning a spoken language. I don’t know by how much but he was stating that it is not really benefiting the child like some people say it does.
Little do I know that one of my friend’s day care provider is teaching her son sign language and probably just offended her. Of course she would be defensive and potentially upset over it, I would be too. And who am I to tell them how to raise their kids? They actually didn’t realize that the day care provider was doing that until someone saw him do the sign for more and told him that is what he had said. The friends are encouraging him to use his words and aren’t the ones initiating the sign language but still I shouldn’t have said it.
In both instances I was trying to be helpful, not trying to show them how smart I was for knowing it or being a know it all. I thought I was sharing something that would be helpful and in the end I wasn’t much help at all. Sometimes I just need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

You can’t change the past. You can run from it for a long time but it will always catch back up to you. You can try and hide too but it will always find you. Why not embrace your past and make it a lesson learned and move forward and be happy and a productive part of society? Why not learn from your mistakes and make a better more improved version of yourself? You can’t do anything different if you keep living the same way